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Background story

Welcome to the world of Hexen. It's been 350 years since Baratus, Daedolon, and Parias defeated Korax. After the serpent spent his last breath, our three heroes used the Chaos Sphere to close all the doors to the third dimension. The last dimension is more desolate than Hexen once was. Monsters and undead hordes are the only ones to survive the wrath of Eidolon, the third serpent rider.

Eidolon was the older of the three brothers and the most powerful, affected most by his own evils. His power was the heart of his brothers' rule by transferring a portion of his evil magic through the dimensional gates.

Since the Triumph of the Sidhe Elf from the Elvish realm, and our three heroes here on Chronos, the gates to the third realm have closed. However, a several gates were permitted to remain providing passage to the Elvish realm. Even the former gate in the northern mountains, which once let passage of the dwarfs through to Chronos from the third dimension, has been closed.

But now, somehow, Eidolon has found a way to open up gates to our realm. In this past season many small gates have been opened around the country side. Battalions, quickly dispatched to defeat the monsters sent through, saw one of the four gates spawned inside a village. The evil seeping through destroyed the town and turned them the townsfolk into a clan Ettin saves to it's power.

The three orders are planning retaliation, led mostly by the Church. As of now, however, an active gate is too risky. Now, like twice before, is a time for heroes. Towns and cities are being renovated to suit adventurers. Supplies are being produced, bounties being set. This time we are preparing ourselves to meet this last serpent rider with the hardest battle he's ever faced. You have been chosen to help with this fight. Kill as many of these creatures as you can. Beware though, Eidolon has the power to corrupt your mind and change you. He tells you that he will give you power, but it is fallacy. Eidolon will merely steal your mind and transform your body into a mindless creature of destruction. If you see any of your fellows turn, have no pity, they are already dead. Eidolon will not take anyone alive, he will not make the same mistake as Korax.

Main Pages

Basic Rules - All general rules regarded Attributes, Characters, Combat, Magic, and Advancement

Combat Rules - Basic and advanced rules involving melee, missile, and magical combat.

Critical Chart - Chart for critical hits, critical misses, and critical blocks.

Race List - List of Races available to players

Class List - List of Classes available to players

Item Shops - Weapon, Armor, and Items list

Starting Spells - Spells available to players at character creation

Apprenticeships - List of Apprenticeships and their associated skills that players may choose from.

Proficiencies - Rules for picking, using, and improving proficiencies

Beastiary - List of monsters common to Chronos and the 3rd Realm

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