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Welcome to Simple System version 1.6. Simple system is a table top RPG specialized for fast player setup and fast play. It uses an entirely custom set of rules, combat dice, and player set up.


Simple System is set in a generic fantasy world. Players will find familiar races, such as Humans, Elves, and Dwarves as well as familiar class types and monsters. Combat also revolves around melee, archery, and magics. The concept of having combat heavy vs. puzzle centric characters is kept. Some skill sets help players in battle while others are specifically designed to assist in the progression through missions and quests. All familiar styles of play are supported and boiled down to lowest common denominators to help speed things up as well as curb the usual attempt to exploit features. You will find the setting to be flexible and a great replica of familiar RP systems filling most needs.

System Rules

New Player's Guide - Players, start here. A guide for new players to learn the system basics and create characters.

Character Creation - Information related to Character creation.

System Rule Set - All the rules that govern gameplay (DM Reference)

Beastiary - List of monsters (DM Reference)

Advanced Reference - Detailed explanation of the theory behind the system rules.


Running Campaigns

Stay Tuned

Previous Campaigns

The Champions of Ramburges

The Siege at Iron Winds

The Students of Laudious Grey

The Courage of the Ancestors

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  • Combat Item List Skill List Common Monsters Complete Rules (Single Page) Character Tool
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